The Bridge

  • The Bridge
  • So far, the school occupied two separate blocks on the hill. For this new school year, the school will move into a new building of 3,700 m2 that has been designed to meet the needs and specificities of different activities: the school administration offices, the initiation programs of the BTEC practice, as well as the new missions of diffusion and outreach and cultural programming and thus have the tools needed to deliver rich and innovative work. An exhibition hall of 200 m2, the Agora of 800 m2, and the A.I.S. Library, organized on an area of 300 m2 (news room, study room, reserve) which is accessible to all audiences, are also at the service of the A.I.S. community. Finally, "The Bridge Cafeteria" restaurant which offers meals prepared from organic products and ingredients.

    AIS, the place of culture and learning, is also and above all the place of life in which our children must feel good. This new facility will bring them an evolutionary framework that will, I am confident, give them a sense of ownership and respect.