Foundation Project

The objective of the following project is to describe all the actions and commitments of the AIS stakeholders, tracing a rigorous work plan for the next three years.

This project is rooted in the history, values, identity and mission of our institution. On the other hand, it situates AIS in its environmental, national and international dimensions.

The realization of this project is the result of the collaboration of all stakeholders in our school community: students, teachers, administrators, coordinators, and parents who have accompanied it in all its phases: the design, implementation, and evaluation.

The school project reveals the willingness of its stakeholders, aiming for a better performance and future.

This project is the continuation of the one established in 2004 which identified the priorities in the educational policy of AIS. Its main objective was to form universal learners.

It reflects the principles of support for our students by presenting a set of axes, targets, and actions that will enable everyone to locate his or her role in the overall organization. The first part of this paper will present the identity of our school, the second will explore the current condition of AIS, while the third, will exhibit the new school project, its areas, objectives, and actions put in place to achieve our aims.

Presentation of Axes and Objectives

The proposed project of the Antonine International School is built around three axes from which three goals arise.