Chaplaincy.Presence of the Church in School

Presence of the
Church in School

Chaplaincy at AIS has a main objective which is framing the school community with aims to move towards the United Church as a place full of communion with the Church.

Its mission is to provide our students in their school an atmosphere of humility, respect, trust, justice, truth, love and hope, sustained by prayer and the practice of the holy sacraments.

 It consists of a chaplain, priests and teachers, parents who rely daily on Gospel values and are transmitted to our students through:
  • Christian initiation and coordination especially catechism classes.
  • The celebration of the Eucharist.
  • Morning Prayers.
  • Spiritual retreats animated for students and adults that take place two times a year, on Christmas Eve and Easter.
  • The preparation for the sacrament of communion.
  • Pilgrimages to enable our students to have experiences of exceptional Christian life.
  • Depth Bible studies for students and adults.
  • The viewing, exchange and orientation meetings.
  • Acts of charity and social activities by the missionary group.
  • Support for students wishing to deepen their knowledge of the Faith for living their faith.
  • The annual animation unifying the theme of the universal Church
  • The pastoral care of vocations
  • Continuous training of catechesis
  • Enabling frameworks for meditation
  • Collaboration with other bodies at the facility to bring the Christian approach