Proffesional Development

Massive openness to the world of knowledge and better education for a better world, especially nowadays since most of the real world is informational, the Professional Development office at AIS answers the ability of the administration that is aware of what their teachers need to be effective and successful.

The Professional Development office’s mission is to assist the faculty in their roles as teachers and members of a wider community as a means of enhancing student learning, to support the AIS mission that creates personalized learning opportunities and the advancement of knowledge and maximizes individual and professional development. The international environment of our school is open to exchange of ideas, where discovery, creativity, critical thinking and students succeed.

On a yearly basis, professional development workshops provide the AIS teachers new information to help them teach more effectively or to enhance and clarify information the teachers already possess and to share their knowledge with others or needed information on various topics such as classroom management , assessment, data analyzing, parent communication and students with special needs and give educators tools to help them develop and learn strategies for building and growing effective classroom teaching method on their own. Furthermore, these workshops aim to promote a multidisciplinary exchange and give practical advice on the integration of innovative pedagogies designed to improve instruction and finally to assist in integrating instructional technology to improve teaching.

AIS seeks to achieve this mission through on-site workshops, presentations and seminars on teaching and learning to all the faculty about their professional careers and in collaboration with IC, AEFE, Haigazian University, AUB, British Council, ILE and FSEDU in order to follow the innovation in the world of education.