Elementary Division


 The elementary division consists of classes from Grade 1 to Grade 6. After receiving the fundamentals during the three years of preschool, the elementary grades provide the needed primary education and social skills for students aged between 6 and 11 to continue their learning years and experience in the complementary and secondary divisions with confidence and interest based on acquired concepts and high level of critical thinking and problem solving.

The objectives of the elementary years are many of which the main focus is to encourage the emergent of self-dependent citizens in the school community and outside, especially globally, with lifetime values, knowledge, and education. The students are coached through a unique teaching-learning curriculum that caters the needs of multiple and various individuals to maximize their potentials through high academic expectations and personal growth. Different strategies and approaches are used in the classrooms in teaching the young elementary students nurturing and supporting their thinking and communication skills. As role models, the teachers influence the students’ attitudes and habits. Students are invited to work in groups and be effective team players preserving their sense of independency and self-confidence at the same time. All classrooms are equipped with interactive boards that are used by the teachers to present lesson and concepts in more stimulating and comprehensive way. These effective teaching tools make it also possible for the students to widely explore the themes and lessons they are working on.

The young elementary students’ curiosity, motivation, research, and outcome findings are encouraged and awakened to inspire the rise of young inquirers and communicators who will continue their studies through the future years to reach G11 and 12 when they, bearing the adequate qualifications, can choose to continue in the Lebanese Program, American Program, or the International Baccalaureate Program. The first language taught and used for learning the different subjects such as, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies is English in addition to the mother tongue, Arabic. French is taught as the second language.

The elementary students continue their academic work under a monthly theme in addition to the main theme of the academic year. Different projects, activities and presentations are planned and shared within the classrooms and division and with the whole school and families too. Teachers infuse the themes into the standards-based curriculum. Families, parents and friends are always welcomed and invited to be involved in different and a variety of activities within the themes.

The elementary grades offer the students all that they need to trust their abilities, flourish academically and socially preserving their individuality and personal thoughts, stimulating their care for their surrounding and community, and inviting them to try new things and approaches after careful study and evaluation.