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    Activities, projects, celebrations, events, assemblies, councils and meetings add to a curriculum - which is sometimes long and hard to bear - a different spirit and a better taste.

    Do you think it is exaggerated? We believe that it is particularly this exaggeration that gives the Antonine Hill its distinctiveness and own branding

    This school seeks to achieve its complete educational mission by following a well-conceived curriculum and works hard to achieve it in a perspective of integral development, a development that provides for Antonine students a dynamic integration in society by the wide variety of cultural, moral, sportive and theatrical activities.

    Within a year full of events and celebrations, it seemed important to conceive a “School Year Book Committee”, headed by the Father Director, and assisted by members whose first task is to collect articles and pictures about every event held at Antonine Hill.

  • But the curious question is why did we call our school year book “AVIS”?

    Well, here is the secret behind this choice!

    Well, here is the secret behind this choice!
    The “AVIS” was initially published with 14 pages in June 2002; it was the first school year book for primary students from G1 to G4.
    A competition was set within students in order to choose the best title for our first school year book.
    Judges, consisting of parents and staff, chose the title AVIS as suggested by Joe ACCAOUI, a G2 student.

    In fact, each letter in the title is significant since:
    V stands for Victory added to AIS which is the abbreviation of Antonine International School. And it was from that point where the history of the “AVIS” began.

    The School Year Book Committee also called “Avis Committee” was established few years ago in order to facilitate the archiving of the events. This action is extremely important; it became possible to envisage a rich and a distinguished school year book - a school year book that recaps in hundreds of pages the successful history of the Antonine Hill and makes you fly in a magical world.

    The archiving process is briefly described as follows: a monthly calendar is transmitted by the executive assistant to heads of departments, coordinators, and members in charge of committees. It is then given back to the Father Director after being filled out with all the events set up for the month. The Father Director, in turn, approves of the content or modifies the inconvenient activities. This calendar is finally transferred to teachers, committees and parents. At this point, the main responsibility of the school year book committee members is to collect month after month, articles and pictures related to all the events held within the year. These members work hand in hand, with a high degree of professionalism and an effective follow-up knowing that such a duty cannot be achieved without the combination of these three factors which certify the richness and the authenticity of our annual school year book.

    The writers of the articles are mostly students because we believe in their enormous capabilities to describe the events they participated in and their loyalty of writing every single detail with much innocence and honesty. At the end of every month, articles and pictures related to events and celebrations that took place are gathered and saved electronically to form day after day our distinctive annual year book.