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  • Parents Committee
    The appointed committee has put the parent welfare at the top of its priorities. In this aspect, it has taken into consideration the integrated educational scheme that the school provides as part of its exceptional, unique, and perfected work in spite of the many challenges that are threatening the private schooling industry.

     In fact, the parent committee of Antonine International School cannot disengage itself from its embracing environment; an environment that is divided into four bases which create the solid grounds on which it is built. These bases are the parents, the beloved students, the Antonine Maronite Order, and the city of Ajaltoun from where it extends to Keserwan and to all parts of Lebanon.

    The parents and guardians are regarded as the primary concern of the committee, for they are the ones from which it has been emanated; that is why, it works for them with loyalty and commitment. Thus, the role of the parent committee is maintaining the financial and ethical welfare of the parents in addition to preserving their rights to providing a fairly conditioned and pioneering education to their children in return to the great sacrifices these parents bear for this sake.

  • Based on this, the students at any stage, infants to fresh graduates, come as the second important grounds that the parent committee works for since these are the individuals that constitute the future and the projects that parents and guardians invest in. Therefore, these students, along with their education, have become the main concern of the committee.

    The Antonine Maronite Order, whose monasteries’ incense has become the prototype of God’s contemplation and praise, creates the third base that the parent committee engage with. Indeed, this Order, along with other Orders and Christian churches have played a major role in the survival of the Christians and the country as a whole. In fact, hadn’t it been to such Orders, Christians would have perished, and Lebanon wouldn’t have sustained its image as the country of coexistance, forgiveness, and tolerance. Based on such an important status, the parent committee retains its concord, convergence, and complementarity with the Antonine administration.

    As for Ajaltoun, it remains the city renowned for the unison it establishes by reconciling the opposite aspects of life: the past and the future, the rural and the urban, heritage and technology. Thus, this city, together with its citizens and municipality, becomes the fourth ground on which the parent committee lies and from which the AIS students take their first step towards the outer vast world.

    The AIS parent committee will certainly achieve all its goals with its determined members and the support of the diverse environmnents that encompass it.