Department of Health

  • Department of Health
    This department is managed by a group of professionals, responsible for promoting health within the school and following physical, mental and social ease of the students, this in close cooperation with the psycho-medical and social cell.

    Administrative Role

    • Establish and manage the health files of the students.
    • Gather the medical reports and monitor the state of scholastic absence.
    • Provide the statistical data asked by the Ministry of Health.

    Technical Role

    • Provide care to stick students.
    • Intervene in case of emergency.
    • Assure the monitoring of the students having health problems.
    • Accompany the students in difficulties or having specific needs.
    • Participate in vaccination drives led by the Ministry of Health.

    Screening Role
    • Deflect during medical visits and examinations possible visual, staturo-weight, cardiac disturbances.
    • Deflect possible cases of contamination such as lice, chicken pox, etc…

    Role of Education and Training
    • In physical and bucco-dental hygiene
    • In nutrition to fight against child obesity and problems linked to poor food habits
    • In security and first aid
    • In education, in emotional life and in lasting love
    • In fights against the problems of public health: Tobacco addiction, alcoholism, narcotic, AIDS…
    • News in health via medical conferences.

  • Some Activities Led by this Department

    • "Safety Online” that was aimed at sensitizing parents and students in the respect for privacy in computer security.
    • Education in emotional, relational and social life for all classes.
    • Conflict counters drug dependency: Training for the parents and sessions of awakening for the students.
    • Fight against tobacco addiction in collaboration with TFI.
    • Training and activities concerning good food habits.
    • Sessions of training in hygiene.
    • Learn to give first aid to the students of the elementary cycle.
    • Meetings with dentists.
    • Conferences treating the vaccination for the cervical cancer, disturbances of growth, the skin, and enuresis.

    Members of this department:

    Pediatrician: Dr. Ghassan Kreidy
    Nurses: Antoinette Ghantous, Itab khayrallah

    Other members of the cell PMS:

    Psychologist: Pascale El khazen
    Welfare Worker: Rida Bou Assi
    Special Ed Teacher: Maya Khoury
    Psycho-motor specialist: Judith saadé