What is LEAPS Center?

LEAPS Center is a learning support center that offers services to learners who have difficulties as well as gifted and talented needs. Services are preventive, corrective, and accelerated. LEAPS Center aims to holistically develop students’ skills to help reach their utmost potential through the LEAPS Center approach. The LEAPS Center approach focuses on addressing learners’ academic, emotional, physical, and social needs within a caring environment. Services are catered to learners ranging from two years of age and onward.

Philosophy & Aims:

The philosophy of our learning center is to holistically develop students’ skills to help them reach their utmost potential through the LEAPS Center approach. Our goal is to constantly stimulate learners through a dedicated and highly qualified professional team, the usage of up-to-date materials, and the application of the latest strategies and techniques used in our rapidly changing world. Our aim is to provide a caring environment because we strongly believe that learners enjoy learning in an atmosphere of security and support within which confidence and self-esteem can be restored. Learners will acquire, master, and generalize skills that will help them as tools when learning new information. We strive to recognize the learners’ needs and cater to their individual requirements accordingly. Through clearly identified individual objectives, we shall cover all aspects of emotional, academic, physical, and social performance while promoting an atmosphere geared towards personal growth.


All programs are offered in English, French, and Arabic.

  • Corrective intervention for reading
  • Corrective intervention for spelling
  • Enhancing vocabulary stock
  • Enhancing writing skills
  • Corrective intervention for comprehension and critical thinking
  • Corrective intervention for expressive and receptive language
  • Corrective intervention for mathematics
  • Corrective intervention for attention and concentration


  • Accelerated reading program
  • Screening
  • Parental guidance
  • Social skills training
  • Study/organizational skills training
  • Case consultation
  • School consultancy
  • Speech/language therapy
  • Occupational therapy/Psychomotor therapy
  • A computer brain-based rehabilitation assessment and training program