Transportation Services

Transportation Services
The school bus is also a place to live in which students interact and communicate on the road.

To ensure such a pleasant environment and a punctual and safe access to AIS, the transportation service offers:
  • Buses monitored and maintained regularly
  • Buses equipped with the criteria of internal security
  • A supervisor in each bus monitors our students and to ensure that they maintain the rules of collective life. Our primary goals are quality and safety.
  • Quality in school transportation approach to optimize the internal organization of our service in order to better satisfy users.
  • Safety which remains a priority area for us, and for that matter the regular bus maintenance is never skimped.
P.S. A minimum of seven is required to provide transportation to any assigned region.
  • For more organization and to reserve a place for your child, you are requested to pay the amount of 50 000L.L. in June to the AIS management.
  • Other means of transportation (taxi, vans, etc…) will not be permitted on the school campus. AIS administration is not responsible for the safety of students taking the latter means of transportation.
  • Rates are subject to change if the Ministry enacts a salary increase.
For more information, please contact the transportation department at AIS, Mrs. Takla KHALIFE.
Tel: 00961 09 232557 ext. 151B
Fax: 00961 09 232558
E-mail: [email protected]