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Delegates Committee

  • Delegates
    Among the means of expression and negotiation that students have, the system of delegates comes as a progressive study of responsibility, civic life and democracy.

    Delegate Profile

    • An informant: who has collected the maximum of information and who broadcasts them.
    • A speaker: for his friends and for the different partners of the scholastic group.
    • An intervener in the class council.
    • An evaluator who takes the measure of what was accomplished and what was not. He assesses accomplished efforts and acquired results, difficulties and lacks, and often reports back to his friends and to the person in charge.


  • Power Limits of Delegate

    • The exercise of freedom cannot undermine the activities of education.
    • The exercise of the rights of the students would not know how to allow the acts of propaganda (impose ideas).

    Delegates training

    For the delegate to be a partner in the educative community, it is needed, that he is informed on:
    • Civic training
    • The right of expression and responsibility
    • The knowledge of the establishment in its different services.
    • The functioning of the establishment.

    Class Animation

    The delegate has to transform the class into a united group:
    • Avoid the training of classes
    • Create opportunities of meeting (Movies, theatre, visit of firms, trips, sports competitions).
    • Take initiatives in the field of scholastic work: discipline, order, link with the resource centre.
    • For information, help the absentees (communication of homework for example).
    • Make use of solidarity in class and listen to the problems of others.

    The delegates are students who are: