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Pilot Committee

Pilot Committee
The Institution Project is a reference document that has the objective of defining the main guidelines of an academic institution and putting them into action in an aim of realizing quality educators and personnel, and therefore yielding more effective results. It focuses on the needs of the institution in an attempt to improve the work of the performers.

The Antonine International School, has the determination to engage its institution in a new dynamic education based on directing changes. This engagement has taken a form in the formation of an Institution Project.

The Institution Project Committee consists of the principal, supporting head of divisions, coordinators, teachers, parents and students, and it aspires to provide the elements needed for the development and evaluation of a school project taking into account the environments and systematic analysis. The committee's work is divided into five essential steps in order to facilitate exchanges and formalize the results. These five steps are:
  • Management of Status (Report of past actions along with a report of weak/strong points and areas, resources, and constraints).
  • Definition of main guides of progress (for the duration of the project).
  • Definition and setting of goals and objectives.
  • Development of actions program.
  • Evaluation.
Several meetings were held to develop questionnaires that help establish the status of the affairs. These questionnaires were distributed to teachers, students and parents. Through the analysis of the questionnaires, the committee was able to identify the main guidelines of the institution. These guidelines will be were put into action and will allow have allowed the identification of the objectives of the work, to reframe the work of the teachers, academic heads, but also and above all that of the students.

Engaging in this process, is building the future of our students and those who will one day join our school.