Department of Psychology

  • Department
    of Psychology
    By its practical action, the scholastic psychology proved its existence and showed its importance. Its field of application augments or increases continuously; its particular techniques form an irreplaceable group of actions and knowledge of the students.


    • A better quality of the child’s life within the establishment
    • A management of the difficult situations of academic or psychological order.
    • An orientation of the student feeling with psycho relational difficulties.
    • Regulate interpersonal or intra-personal conflicts.
    • Receive or welcome the student in such a way that he can find trust and be reconciled with his difficulties

    Functions of the Psychologist:

    • Participate in the evaluation cognitive-behavior of the student (tests-discussions).
    • Participate in the development and in psychological blossoming of the student (advice, support, psychotherapy).
    • Participate in activities of prevention, information and training.

    Meetings with the students aim especially at those who introduce problems at the levels of:

    • Behavior (absence of the superego, verbal impulsiveness, driving agitation, passage to the act, etc…).
    • Difficulties of academic and pedagogical order (delay at the level of study or at acquisition).
    • interpersonal and intra personal conflicts (lack of confidence, shyness, feeling of rejection, conflicts with the parents, separated or divorced, scholastic refusal, fright of exam, worries, adopted child, etc…)
    • Investigations on relatively difficult themes (death, love, sexuality, perversions, mating, etc…)

  • A correlation among parents, teachers and psychologist is aimed:

    • To change and adopt other forms of education that are child-oriented.
    • To better supervise the student academically and psychologically.
    • To discuss problems which are not related to the school but to an existent defect of education of the family.

    The application of the Clinical Psychology

    The Psychology Department applies the Clinical Psychology and the Psychology of Education, to diagnose behavior disturbances or difficulties of comprehension in the children and the teenagers and assesses the development of the babyish psychology.

  • Conferences:

    • Child Aggressiveness
    • Child Hyperactivity
    • The analysis of adopted behaviors generally by the human being
    • The trio Students-Teachers-Parents
    • The psychological repercussions of the conjugal dissension on the family
    • Normal or pathological
    • Restructure your mental form
    • The child and the school
    • Professional Orientation
    • Sanctions