Become a Student

French or English section ........... one spirit ..... one heartbeat….one team .....

From pre-nursery (2 years old) to Nursery (3 years old), going through KGI (4 years old) till KGII (5 years old)

Four full school years of happiness for our students learn by playing and become proficient and ready for the elementary cycle.



With a maximum of 25 students per class.

Reduced headcount in our classes allows us to apply differentiated instruction and support each student highlighting the multiple intelligences and helping children with special needs in our heterogeneous classes.

The medico-psycho-social team including the special education teacher, psychologist and the psychomotor therapist track down any problems or trouble and adjust programs as needed or refer to specialists as appropriate.

At a young age, our students begin to enjoy the pleasure of awakening faith in celebrating all the highlights of the liturgical year with their parents in the kindergarten years and disseminate this happiness in all their Christian families learning always to respect all other religions and to live together.

Knowing that language is at the heart of learning in kindergarten, our students in two sections, English and French, are introduced to trilingualism and learn English, French and Arabic literature courses in accordance with the rhythm of each and through the implementation of government programs: French for French section and American for the English section.

Our strong point is the teaching team where all its members are constantly working to develop their skills and consequently those of the students. The team’s priority is the autonomy and security of the children. What distinguishes it is the affection, and its goal is teaching with professionalism with the desire to stay up-to-date especially with the new technology since all the classes in preschool are equipped with interactive whiteboards and students are doing very well without neglecting all kinds of games, hands-on activities, books or other tools needed for the traditional teaching approach adapted to the present day.

What do we learn in preschool??

The oral and written language, mathematics, science, physical education, motor skills, dance, visual arts, music education, Arabic language, EFL (English as a Foreign Language) or FLE (French as a Foreign Language) and the awakening of faith.

At the end of each month, parents receive a monthly program which contains what the students worked on, divided into five main areas, the awakening of faith and modern languages:

1. Build their oral and written language (phonetics)
2. Discover the world
3. Act in the world
4. Living together
5. Imagine, feel, create
6. The awakening of faith
7. Modern Language

An open house is scheduled at the beginning of every year to get to know the parents and better explain our programs, teaching and learning progression for each level of pre-school methodologies.

Academic Schedule:

A warm welcome begins at 7:30 A.M. with a general gathering to pray and sing psalms in three different languages.

After three teaching periods, students take a snack in class before going to the first break.

After the third and fourth period, each student takes a small snack consisting of a fruit or a biscuit before going to play in the playground. With the last two periods, the day ends at 2:15 P.M. and the parents get their children from their classrooms or the playground later than 2:30 P.M.

Students in pre-nursery and nursery have a slightly different pace than others to better meet their biological clock. They are always welcome in their classes and begin their day with the customary schedule; then go to the canteen to enjoy the taste of their food. They have only one recess, in age-appropriate courts, then they will work on their yearly program during the third and fourth period.

Around noon, they eat a hot meal and a dessert and then they take a nap before the arrival of the parents.


At the beginning of each month, parents receive a monthly calendar in which all evaluations and highlights are shown.

For trips outside the school, a circular with a signed authorization will always be required.

A correspondence book or agenda under "correspondence" should remain in the bag of the student so that you can set an appointment with your child's teacher for specific information.

Procedure for preschool registration:

Preschool tests are scheduled on last Saturdays of January and February upon appointments and parents are kindly requested to present a complete registration file.

1. Obtain a file from the administration on behalf of the Father Director.
2. Complete the forms.
3. Set an appointment with the preschool secretariat for the admission test.
4. Sit for the test with a complete file making sure your child is well-prepared.
5. Bring the white admission card and pay the registration fee which is 600 000 LL for the academic year 2013/2014