Orientation and
Information Center
The OIC is responsible for ensuring all the necessary information and guidance to all AIS students so that they can find the right and suitable profession that corresponds with their needs.

This involves helping students learn to know, to ask the right questions, and get to the missing information; all of which are required in their decision-making process.

In addition, the OIC aims to support students in building their career plans which will make them stakeholders of their life project.

The OIC's activities are divided as follows:

  • Personal interviews
  • Group sessions as of Grade 10 focusing on several topics such as:
    • The different sectors of the Lebanese baccalaureate and general education
    • Maintaining a customized portfolio
    • Familiarization of different professions
    • The different stages of decision-making
    • Simulation of a job interview
    • Writing a CV

Testimonials from people who shined in their professional lives

  • Forums:
    • University Forums
    • Career forums
    • International Universities Forum (in partnership with EDUCOM)
  • Psychological Testing:
    • IQ Test
    • Career Preference Test
  • Internship
A fixed exhibition hall with all the brochures and applications of local and international universities right in the hands of all students and parents at any time.