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  • Our Affiliations

  • The AIS at the
    Communion of
    Catholic Schools
    In addition to its membership in the network of the Antonine schools, the AIS is also part of the Catholic schools network and actively participates, in the person of its director and certain members of its educational body, in all the organized meetings and cultural activities, such as the twentieth annual conference that will be held in the Antonine International Theatre on September. Moreover, our establishment participates not only in the meetings of the sectors, but also in the monthly meetings of the Anglophone Catholic Schools (CASL).

    The Catholic school constitutes a strategic choice of the Church of Lebanon as it helps keep alive the presence of the Church despite the rising challenges that increase in quality and intensity.

    The reality in a few figures

    The Catholic education in Lebanon is characterized by the diversity of its institutions and their distribution all over the Lebanese territory. There are 59 school groups federated with the General Secretariat of Catholic Schools which enrolls 192,000 students with a faculty of teachers and administrative staff that include 12800 teachers and 900 monks and nuns.

    Currently, the Catholic school educates 21.5% of the whole Lebanese school population. We count 365 schools and school students of all religious communities in Lebanon including 23.2% of Muslims.