Academic Council

The Academic Council of the A.I.S., consists of the head of divisions of both the French and the English sections, the coordinators of the different subjects, and the religious superiors. It is presided by the Father principal, and holds its monthly meetings in his office.

The purpose of these meetings is to:

  • Investigate possible problems that might be present during the learning process.
  • Establish the basic educational foundation that allows the A.I.S. to progress in the light of the principles of the educational policy of the Antonine Maronite Order.
  • Finally, stipulate the path to be followed by all members of the educational body to achieve the objectives proposed according to the establishment’s project.

In short, this council is an "academic nest" where each member has the desire to invest all his knowledge and experience to offer the best to our youth. It would also be good and honest to reveal the secret that assures the success of this council: the boundless dynamism of the Father Director.In fact, his human values and intellectual abilities are, without doubt, the pillars of these meetings. This is certainly the opinion of all the members of the Council.