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The Social Club

  • The Social Club

    The social club of AIS is a service where a multiple-subject team formed by employees, teachers, parents, and students works with a view to the equilibrium of life of the students and with their social commitment.



  • Activities

    • Visit of families in the regions of Baalbeck.
    • Convivial day with old people within AIS.
    • Action of sharing, mutual aid and solidarity to the orphans of the EOS in Mrouj.
    • Help to a family in need in Hrajel.
    • Activities in Banias-Syria.
    • Activities to Iraqis.
    • Day of solidarity to our Antonine colleagues in Klayaa.
    • Activities with the deaf and the blind of the ELSA-Baabda.
    • Activities with kids with cancer at St.Jude and visit to families suffering from this illness.
    • Activities with the girls of Bon Pasteur orphanage in Sheile.
    • Activities with primary students treating children’s rights.
    • Day “Handicap and Sport”.
    • Forum of the charitable associations.
    • Plan treating the persecution of the Christians and the importance of respect and religious freedom.

    Club Members

    Director: Father Andre Daher
    Bursar: Father Roland Awkar
    Coordinators: Antoinette Ghantous, Itab Khayrallah
    Welfare worker: Rida Bou Assi
    Employees: Takla Khalifé, Hiam Daccache, Joumana Daccache
    Parents: Roula Abi Semaan, Nathalie Matta, Rita Nader, Rita Mezher, Rita Aoun, Sara Bitar, Dolly Sfeir, Nada Doumit.
    Teachers: Rita Hajj, Christiane Bou Chacra, Gloria Chreim, Marie-Rose Kanaan, Carole Breidy, Oscar Nacouz, Sophie Hjejj.
    Students: Elias Gemayel, Michel Richani, Rachid Maalouf.

    For Donations:

    Donations are used to help us assure or cover the needs in equipment and essential materials for the organization and the development of activities.

    For any type of financial aid/help, food or other, you are kindly asked to contact Mrs. Ghantous or Mrs. Khayrallah at the office of the social club-Bloc A, on 09/230968-9 ext 139.