The real world is made up of science, and how we behave in and manage our environment is critical. As Laboratory Department at AIS, we are trying to fix the image that science is an area where students do a lab just once in a while. A lot of people felt that Science isn’t important in our curriculum, so why should we improve our labs? That attitude is changing…

Therefore, the separation of laboratory activities from lecture is artificial and not desirable at schools. The Laboratory has been given a central and distinctive role in science education at AIS. For science to be taught properly and effectively, Labs must be an integral part of the science curriculum.

For this reason, The Laboratory Department at AIS has decided to make changes needed to improve laboratory experiences for students. So, we’re trying to design labs that will invite all students into science. As a result, we have started renovating an existing Science Lab during summer 2011 and we opened it as a Biology Lab for students in October 2011. As for construction, we have already constructed a Physics Lab available for students since October 2010, and currently, we are building a new Chemistry Lab planned to be accomplished at the end of January 2012.

In addition, these Science Labs are outfitted with the latest tools and technology for better teaching practices looking to move the AIS Labs into the future.