The OASIS was founded 55 years ago, and is still in its full youth although it is active in summer and winter. It is a meeting space for different cultures, a continuous dream that became real.

The OASIS is much more than a summer camp. It is an organization in which young participants learn to grow up on their own, to make choices, to rely on themselves, to live under the values of the Catholic School, and to remain the privileged witnesses of Excellence, Friendship and respect are embodied in Sports, Cultural and Social activities, where participants learn in harmony and accept and love each other.

The OASIS, heaven of peace, started in 1959 at the Sacré-Cœur College Gemmayze-Beirut, with just 100 young people and one sport discipline, Volleyball. After that, it flew off in its first venture and landed at the Sainte Famille Francaise girls school to reach a gender balance. After Beirut, in 1972, the OASIS chose Mont La Salle School, Ain Saadeh as its home. During the war, it moved to Kesserwan, to the Club des Copains of Feytroun. After the end of the war, it returned to Mont La Salle and from there expanded to Keserwan to the Saint Antoine, Kelyaat, then to the Antonine International School, Ajaltoun, then to the College Saint Joseph, Aintoura and back to the Antonine International School in Ajaltoun.

After Beirut, the Metn and Kesserwan, OASIS was opened in Hasroun, North Lebanon at the Antonine Fathers School and in the Bekaa at the Peace College Zahlé.

After this venture, the OASIS landed in AIS and will open its door summer and winter under the guidance of Father Andre who is supervising, on a daily basis, the expansion site of his newly treasured renovated school.

Sport helps students in their academic work by integrating education, arts and culture. The OASIS, while maintaining its shape, waves around 3000 participants.
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