Secondary Division


The philosophy of AIS is to provide diverse curricula that enrich and expand the scope of learning for each student. We strive to provide rigorous coursework that is insightful and creative, and provides an environment which encourages critical thinking and creative problem solving.

One of the most compelling reasons to choose AIS is the academic preparation our students receive for university admission. Young students who choose AIS graduate from our school fully prepared for success at leading universities. Built into our program are individualized university counseling and SAT test prep, highlighted by our 10th and 11th grade weekly SAT courses and annual University forum.

In an atmosphere of trust and faith, our students are motivated to excel academically, to think critically and creatively, to speak and write well, to prepare for careers in diverse fields, and to become involved in school and local communities.

In the Secondary Level, our experienced teachers are committed to encouraging each student to attain their highest potential. With an average class size of twenty to twenty five students, the faculty is able to give individual attention to all students.

AIS students use state-of-the-art technology and equipment in all facets of their education, ranging from laptops to advanced equipment in physics and chemistry labs. They also have access to the Internet through their interactive whiteboards.

Participating in an exchange program with schools abroad, allows our students to take advantage of the curricula and cultures of both schools.

As part of their Catholic education, AIS students develop their spirituality through daily morning prayers and annual retreats. They also show their Christian commitment to the community by participating in service projects throughout the year. Through these projects, our students build an appreciation for the rewards of volunteerism that lasts throughout their adult lives.

The English Department curriculum is designed to prepare students to read, think, discuss, and write critically. With the teacher’s guidance, students will examine various genres of literature—novels, poetry, drama, short stories, and expository essays—spanning different historical and cultural contexts.

Over the course of four years of study (G9 to G12), students will be well-prepared for the challenges of higher education. 

Secondary mathematics allows students to develop their fullest potential in mathematics and be confident in their mathematical abilities. 

Our science courses are aimed at preparing students not only for a variety of science-oriented professions, but also for becoming well-informed, responsible citizens in our modern, technological society. All of our science courses are assisted with laboratory activities. 

As for the Social Studies curriculum, it promotes the knowledge and intellectual processes that empower our students to service and leadership in the school, community and the world. Understanding the interdisciplinary focus of our subjects, we incorporate critical thinking skills, 21st century technology, creative problem solving, real world applications, and communication skills within the studies of history, economics, geography, and sociology.