Chapel of The Annunciation

  • Chapel of The

    Officially inaugurated on March 25 by a solemn Mass celebrated by Reverend Abbot Simon ATTALLAH in the presence of teachers and administrative bodies, and assisted by Father Superior, Father Director, and the bursar, our jewel chapel was called "Chapel of the Annunciation."

    We are proud of this oasis of serenity and meditation located in the heart of our school. Adorned in the South and West by beautiful stained glass windows, a mass is celebrated every morning at 7 am. Young and adults come early to pray, read or listen to the words of the Holy Gospel and Epistles or to take the blessing of the Holy Sacraments (the Body and Blood of Christ) on their heads (toddlers). Throughout the day, you can find in this haven of peace students, teachers and other visitors seeking peace and meditation, and listening to the voice of our Lord.

    Our Chapel, the heart of our school, is there to greet us at any time: The Crucifix is ready to take us in his arms and relieve us from our burdens; the Angel Gabriel will watch over us all, and at any time we can announce the good news; Mary, our Mother, sows joy in our hearts.

  • West facade: two main parts. Each part is divided into four windows of different sizes.