Department of Sports

Department of Sports
The Department of Sports and Activities tackles three areas, the PES, PAA and the Sports Club, effectively surrounding the sports life of the students.

In terms of Physical Education
and Sports
the DSA manages the various aspects leading to an efficient education and a righteous transmission of the discipline. During multiple coordination meetings, the teachers analyze the level, determine the needs, set the targets, the aims, put together an execution plan, coordinate with the other departments, designate the fields and equipment, assess the progress and take in the feedback, hoping to push bit by bit the overall quality. All what is listed above represents the PE project set by deep reflection from the teaching team; the project is an evolving document, subject to tweaking and perfecting and that will represent a professional guideline to the teachers and the students. Hence, the department will meet the high standards of all.

In terms of Physical Activities
and Art
the DSA provides experts in various sports such as gymnastics, martial arts, racket sports, inline skates, football, basketball, dance, and plastic arts; the department organizes, executes and monitors the course throughout the year in addition to arranging intramural and interscholastic competitions. Furthermore, the process of creating, planning and executing the annual sports festival, takes the most out of the patience, creativity, experience and capability of all the sports team along with those of the students during a major part of the year.

Concerning the Sports Club
we are hoping that with the construction of the new grass soccer and athletics field along with the renovation of the basketball field, the gymnastics and ping-pong halls, and the highly updated equipment, we will be able to put together a professional structure in charge of creating, training and pursuing different teams where someday the AIS title will be engraved on many, well-deserved, trophies and medals.

At last, let’s hope that thanks to sports, our students, will not only demonstrate the craving towards sports activity as part of their character, along with a developed mental and physical intelligence, but also exhibit a well-shaped citizenship resulting from team work and group dynamics; implying, of course the fun and competitive spirit.