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    A school wide open to the world of culture due to an informational development, places the cultural advancement as a major focus of its students success and serves to develop young Antonines with active and creative minds.

    Its challenge will concentrate on developing in them some attitudes such as complete attention to information, encouraging their responsible and autonomous behavior submerged by a continuous information flow bearing in mind the quick evolution of information tools and methodology.

    Mme Marise ZGHEIB
    Therefore, our school’s main goal is to satisfy the different requests of its Antonine students, the community, the entourage, as well as the emphasis on the direct access to information while striving for coordinated autonomy and providing teachers with the material they need in order to prepare their instructions and to follow the pedagogical progress.

    The AIS school library located in the heart of the school, a center of inquiry, knowledge, and creativity for the schools. A very common and wonderful location for learning and a space of individual work, teamwork or classwork. It offers a various collection of resources related to the curriculum which provides an educational environment in which students can acquire the necessary to lead successful meaningful lives in the 21st century.

    The library has varied and automated collection holdings that can be obtained by purchase, donation and international solidarity (Portland University, Blanchet High School W.D.C., Canada, …). It contains millions of books that include encyclopedias, dictionaries, fiction, non-fiction works related to many subject, in addition to a number of periodicals published in French, English and Arabic.

  • Our library offers:

    • An equitable access to relevant quality resources
    • Borrowing service (3 documents for 15 days)
    • Help and advice while searching for information on how to use effective information resources and research tools online.
    • Special cultural events on a yearly basis (Book Fair, meeting of writers, reading competition, storytelling, press week)

    The Library’s Mission:

    • Providing diverse and updated resources through acquisitions ( purchase and donation ) in order to keep its collection up-to-date ( inventory, grass removal, sorting out), to satisfy users’ needs and maintain a strong relation with local book partners (bookshops, publisher, online websites).
    • Handling various types of documents according to the international cataloguing rules (classification, cataloguing, indexing) using an American automation software (FOLLET).
    • Promoting service to students by providing collections of print and non-print resources as well as links to resources both within and outside the school that support and enrich the curriculum. Students and staff are instructed on the use of electronic information resources.
    • Supporting the enjoyment of reading as a lifelong learning skill, visits to book fairs and book talks support this effort to help students develop a love for reading and the pursuit of information related to personal interests.
    • Promoting the use of the library services by students and faculty members by organizing library orientation tours in the beginning of the year, in order to represent for the new students the library holdings and its functioning rules (opening, borrowing, internet usage, etc…) and stimulating interest in reading and in finding and using reliable information, identify the sources and respect the copyright.
    • Shaping the information-seeking behavior of users in the school community and guide the development of information organization, knowledge creation, and communication and presentation.

  • Our library is not an enclosed resource center and does not only give the opportunity to carry out documentary research needed for school education but on the other hand, it is considered as an important information vehicle and due to our international character that forms close cultural ties and foreign relations, we would like to reach knowledge by creating new learning situations and cultural openness vital for our students’ intellectual development and for their expertise and interpersonal skills.

    Additional information:

    The library is open: Monday - Friday from 7:30 A.M. till 2:30 P.M.

    Users can access the internet for research and documents freely.

    The library is open to the public. External users can also access all kind of information but they need to apply for a membership card in order to borrow documents.

    Contact us:

    School library – Antonine International School – Ajaltoun
    Tel: 09 232557 Ext 160B
    Fax: 09 232558