Teaching Arabic

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    AIS has recently designed special Arabic classes which provide extensive and customized instructions that cater to the needs of non-native Arabic speakers.

    We have taken into account all significant aspects of the learning process, most notably the relevance of the academic progress that is indispensable in the acquisition of the written and verbal forms of the target language.

    A learner at a beginner level has to master the following:

    • Reading a photo.
    • Answering questions based on a listening passage.
    • Paraphrasing a text.
    • Expressing opinions, feelings, and needs using complete sentences
    • Taking part in discussions that deal with specific topics.

    • Distinguishing and reproducing letters.
    • Reading short sentences effectively and explicitly paying special attention to the pronunciation of consonants, short and long vowels, intonation, and correct vocalization.
    • Understanding the gist as well as the details of a text through answering literal questions that relate to the topic, vocabulary, and ideas of the text in addition to open-ended questions that allow learners to give their opinions and take a stance of the ideas revealed in the text.
    • Distinguishing and reproducing the different types of sentences: affirmative, negative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory.
    • Constructing simple, meaningful, and complete sentences.
    • Constructing sentences based on examined pictures: complete sentences, correct use of diacritics, legible handwriting.
    • Practicing the Riqa script using neat calligraphy: special features of the Arabic letters, coordination of sizes and spaces between letters.

    Consequently, learners will have a perfect command of the Arabic language. After having gradually progressed through the different levels, students will have been able to read, write, and speak the language adeptly. They will have also learned how to understand a reading text fully and elaborately in addition to writing a passage perceived by its originality and ingenuity.

    This way, we achieve the objective of these classes in the most efficacious and contemporary educational means. In addition, we ensure that our students have attained an adequate learning of the Arabic language through the acquisition of all the skills that are crucial in the academic curriculum. Download the Special Arabic Brochure